Ashley Moskovich, PhD

Assistant Professor, CMER Clinical Assessor and Research Study Therapist

Ashley Moskovich, PhD is a clinical psychologist and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University Medical Center. She has expertise in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and is core faculty in ACT at Duke, a research, clinical and training program. Her research focuses on using contextual behavioral science to understand and treat problematic eating and weight control behaviors and she has co-authored several papers and book chapters in this area. Clinically, she specializes in using acceptance-based treatments for various problems of living including maladaptive eating and weight control behaviors, depression, anxiety, and chronic medical illness. She joined Duke CMER in July 2021, as a Clinical Assessor and a Study Therapist on two of CMER's pilot therapy studies.

Representative Publications

Merwin, Rhonda M., Ashley A. Moskovich, Michael Babyak, Mark Feinglos, Lisa K. Honeycutt, Jan Mooney, Sara P. Freeman, Heather Batchelder, and Devdutta Sangvai. “An open trial of app-assisted acceptance and commitment therapy (iACT) for eating disorders in type 1 diabetes.” J Eat Disord 9, no. 1 (January 6, 2021): 6.

Moskovich, Ashley A., Natalia O. Dmitrieva, Michael A. Babyak, Patrick J. Smith, Lisa K. Honeycutt, Jan Mooney, and Rhonda M. Merwin. “Real-time predictors and consequences of binge eating among adults with type 1 diabetes.” J Eat Disord 7 (2019): 7.

Moskovich, Ashley A., C Alix Timko, Lisa K. Honeycutt, Nancy L. Zucker, and Rhonda M. Merwin. “Change in expressed emotion and treatment outcome in adolescent anorexia nervosa.” Eat Disord 25, no. 1 (January 2017): 80–91.