Dr. Jennifer Brout's 2 Part Class - RRR Misophonia Coping Skills Class for Parents, Adults, and Clinicians

June 06, 2023

RRR Misophonia Coping Skills Class for Parents, Adults, and Clinicians [June 2023] from Misophonia International

Date: June 6th and June 8th 2023
Time: 7PM Eastern to 9PM Eastern
Location: Hosted digitally through Zoom

This class is a two-part class which follows the Regulate, Reason, Reassure misophonia coping skills educational program written by Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout’s books for parents, clinicians, and adults. This class is meant for parents of children and teens with misophonia, adults with misophonia, or clinicians interested in learning more for their clients. This class is produced by Misophonia International, with guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout, who created Regulate, Reason, Reassure.

  • This is a 2 night class with each session being between 1hour and 30 minutes to 1 hours depending on the Q&A period.
  • They offer videos for 30 days for those who cannot attend live, or who would like to review the material.
  • Families can attend on one sign-up. Please feel free to forward the email with the zoom links to each family member you would like to attend.

The class is only available as a complete package as both classes are connected. If you cannot attend a session live, there will be video provided that you can watch at your leisure. Videos will also be available to review for 30 days after attendance.

PDF copies of the RRR manuals are available via your downloads.

To register, go to Misophonia International