International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN) Joins soQuiet

February 03, 2023

On February 3, 2023, the International Misophonia Research Network [IMRN] announced that it has joined soQuiet. "Founded in 2014 by Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout, the International Misophonia Research Network was created to give misophonia researchers, clinicians, and pioneers a resource for collaboration and education regarding their work.The IMRN will continue to bring together researchers, clinicians, and innovators from many different fields to share their work with each other, the misophonia community, and the public. Researchers will be able to create new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, all with the goal of investigating the currently unknown aspects of misophonia.

With the IMRN under the umbrella of soQuiet, the misophonia think tank has access to resources and funding that can help it achieve its goals of creating new avenues for scientific studies about misophonia and related sensory disorders. Many of soQuiet’s projects are aimed at advancing research on misophonia and sharing the results with the public. These projects include the Misophonia Research Pool, Misophonia Student Research Grants, and soQuiet Science Sessions. All of soQuiet’s services are offered at no charge thanks to generous donors.

soQuiet founder, Cris Edwards, is excited about the potential for new discoveries and insights about misophonia that can result from this initiative."

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