Oct. 27th Misophonia Education Workshop - "How does Misophonia Relate to Other Disorders?"

October 27, 2020

Time: 7PM EST
Date: Oct 27th, 2020
Price: $60 per family/clinician
Location: Online via Zoom. Links for this event are sent THE DAY OF the event

This workshop will focus on Misophonia’s relationship with co-occurring disorders, per current research. This workshop is ideal for clinicians, educators, parents, and misophonia sufferers. The following topics will be discussed during this workshop:

Sensory Processing Disorder
Auditory Disorders
Other mental illnesses

This workshop is hosted by Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout of the IMRN and Misophonia Education.

To register for this workshop, please do so through Dr. Brout's Misophonia Education site.