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We have been enrolling participants for the following project(s):

Misophonia Measure Development Project

Are you unusually bothered by certain sounds?

We are looking for participants in our study on misophonia, a condition in which people are extraordinarily bothered by certain kinds of sounds such as people eating or repetitive tapping. We are interested to learn how people are affected by such sounds and how they cope with them.

You may be eligible for this research study if:

  • You (or your family member) are extraordinarily bothered by sounds such as chewing, slurping, throat clearing, finger tapping, foot shuffling, keyboard tapping, rustling, nasal sounds, pen clicking, etc.
  • The experience of such sounds interferes with day-to-day life
  • You are 18 years or older

For more information, please go to [online screen link removed]** or call (919) 684-6701**.


**Thank you so much for the overwhelming response. We are so grateful that so many people are willing to participate in our Misophonia measure study. At this time, study enrollment IS PAUSED as we review the information we have received, complete interviews, and start to review the data we have collected. Please check back in the near future as we begin additional Misophonia research studies, described in Upcoming Studies. Additionally, if you would like to be added to our growing list of people who are interested in hearing more about our program as well as future research opportunities please email us.