Upcoming Studies

We have several funded studies being prepared for recruitment:

(1) Exploring the acceptability, feasibility, and efficacy of two treatments for misophonia 

While we continue to work on better understanding Misophonia, it is also important to identify treatments that can help people who are currently suffering. Further, it is important that the treatments we provide are acceptable to the people who receive them. In this study, participants will complete one of two treatments we believe can help manage symptoms of Misophonia: The Unified Protocol or Process-Based Therapy. Both treatments will use evidence-based psychological principles (e.g., managing attention or behavior) in a flexible manner and will focus on developing skills to help reduce the distress and impairment associated with Misophonia. The aims of this study are (1) to explore the acceptability and feasibility of these treatments for individuals who experience Misophonia and (2) to examine whether these treatments help reduce symptoms associated with Misophonia.

(2) Identifying sounds to use in Misophonia research

The aim of this study is to validate a set of standardized sounds to use in research for those suffering from Misophonia. An additional aim of this study is to explore interpersonal functioning in the context of Misophonia.